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tech issues ahhhhh #aspiemeltdown #dyspraxia

I think   have told   u before   don’t like tech    things   something   to with  brain not   liking it   and also   my fingers  / hands    finding   buttons  things   difficult !! I  was coming  from  town and  decided  would   treat  self to   new  … Continue reading

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#dyspraxia #craftwithaspergers

I met my friend   by accident in the market  so   took her for  a coffee and had  chatted as   you do !!   about the   ways of the world   and  don’t   know how  it  happened    but  subject   came ontcrochet   !! … Continue reading

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#reiki #aspiemoods #ptsd

umm  I have  a very  bad habit of not being  able to  switch off   thoughts in my head   they travel  round and round with  no exit !!!    this   would  not be  to bad if    that the thoughts   are not  pleasent … Continue reading

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#library stresses #aspiestyle

keep hearing   awful weather is on the  way   my  flat is  quite  awkward  to  get in and out of  in bad weather    mums  keeps   telling me to move  but don’t listen !!!  just    cant  be  bothered   but  i have to … Continue reading

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day out #aspiestyle #ptsds

my sleep patterns are all over the  place    at the mo   never  been    good at  arriving  into the  land of nod  and then  cant seem  to  get out  of it !!! I was  awoken   tou artday my my  mum  telling … Continue reading

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#aspietheatre #sex+3dayweek

humm i am wide  awake  after my    ranting and  raving see previous  posts !!!  for details  not  going through that  prattle again I was  still not happy  a  week ago  still feeling   frazzeled with how   quick the  modern is   changing … Continue reading

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Been totally  crackers all day   over  wot in time    will appear    to be nothing   , well to put things   bluntly   don’t  really like  the    gadget   world    find  i   have to     concentrate  so   so hard    on     doing something   different makes  … Continue reading

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