#Nordicwalking with #dyspraxia #aspie #diabetic

umm m   i quite like keeping  fit    i am relatively lucky with   weight  prob  because   am a  type 1  diabetic  i had   been asked  to   join a  couple, of  friends   in Birkenhead park to do Nordic  walking  which  i had  heard    about  but never   ventured  .  I     maybe    never had that  much breakfast  when diabetic     but  my eating  not   always the   best and mistake  no2 of the  day walking to  town   maybe only est 20 mins  but  still  a no no  .  My mood   deffo not the  best maybe    abit of  apprehension   of   doing  something new and    low  blood   sugar   grabbed   something in cafe and   off  i went  !

I am  one of  those  annoying people  if  i am  meeting  someone  at   1   that is the   time  we should  meet   not    5 past   or   10 past  but   1  so was  getting  more and more    agitated  and pretended  to be    doing   great things with my mobile  I HATE   TECHNOLOGY !!!

hey  HO I CAN  see  my mates  all is not lost  they  were by a  car    but they   told  me inside   the   visitor   centre   not outside!!!   be precise   people!!!

I was  handed  over some sticks  which  looked   cool and nothing  to  this malarky but  hey  ho   Corrine   was  saying    things  about  height and   how   to walk with  the  sticks   and left   right  business  ummm  there   was  I thinking  this was going to be  a  doddle !!! ( how  wrong  can u be ) !!!

you  somehow  have to  coordinate  left  hand with  right leg and off  u  go   but  no  i managed   a few   steps    and just  went back to normal   walking   I  was  very lucky  never got upset   my mates  were   very supporting   one  telling me their son was    dyslexic  but  no   wrong  disorder  Dyspraxia  !!!! oh well  god loves a   tryer !!  ed  after  a while  just  did  normal   walking   and  enjoyed  myself   which  is  the main  thing  but would  i go    again   yer  i would  I am   not  saying i will  ever   know left   from  right   but will  have  great  fun trying !!!


About loubyjo

I have all my life been fascinated by words and books especially I used to have this strange idea that I could read every book in the world well maybe just 80% of them . My life can at times be really stressful as suffer my brains wires are all wonky which results in me having aspergers syndrome thats probably where all my crazy ideas spill out from !!!IIIalso have ocd which results in my thoughts getting stuck in my head causing me lots of distress , but hey what is perfection and if i ever met a perfect person it would probably send me fast asleeP AND YOU AS WELL SO iIam hoping to use this blog to let you lnow what it is like to be me !! in the last few years also discovered got ptsd this is were most of probs stem from
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