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#invictus #pip form #mental health

Roughly  abt a  month got form  through to  change over  from  DLA   to  pip not  kidding   been an absolute   nightmare   desperately   trying to get the  evidence of my   health  condition together  ,  i just … Continue reading

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week 1 ~invictus #mentalhealth

Been roughly a  week  since  decided  to learn  invictus  by heart , ha  it  has   got  me out of  slight pickles   but only  by a  millimeter  and that  better  than nothing   , think  I need to recite … Continue reading

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#INVICTUS #poetry #ptsd

HI      JUST  BEEN   told    it has  been   9 months   since  last posted   wow  i am not going  to say what most people say who  have been waiting  for  9 months   but   really life  is  pretty   much the  same ,  and  … Continue reading

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