posey A_ maying

I actually  am not    a great   lover   of poety  look  at the  amount of  novels   in the  word but   occassionly go to a  shared   reading  grp and  dont leave  when the  poetry   comes out  and  feel  bits   guilty about my evil thoughts !!!

The other  week went  to  a  new  shared   reading   grp  run by although  knew  the leader and  all of  the others   4 of us in total   but we  read  this   and came out  yer   that   was okish  ( note the  ish )  not Incictus   had no desire  to  read it count less  times or   play memory   games   with it   but the  thoughts   in my head    (  evil)  although  i myself   am quite nice  (  note the  quite )      stop  when i   write   even more so  than when i read   maybe    you  really have to con centrate   on moving  the fingers  and thoughts  at ssame time  as per usual   apoligise  for grammer   (  that  is to much hassle )


Posy A  Maying   by John clare

Now comes   the  bonny May  dancing and skipping

Across  the  stepping   stones of meadow  streams ,

Bearing nokin  to April  showers  a weeping

But   constant  sunshine  as her  servant  seems

HER  heart is up – her sweetness  all  amaying ,

streams in her face  like  gems on  beauty’s  breast .

The  swains are   sighing  all   and well -a daying

LOVEsick and gazing on their lovely guest .

The sunday paths to pleasant  places leading

Are  graced by couples linking arm in arm ,

Sweet  smiles  enjoying or some book  areading

Where love and  beauty are the constant  charm,

for  while  the bonny May  is dancing  by

Beauty delights the ear  and beauty fills the eye

the whole grp  liked it    although the  weather   was  much more  spring  like   than  it  has been last few  days  actually summer   does not officially start some people say   til  June which is thursday !!!

this day and age   you can’t   really have the presumptions  that   we used  to have the grp talked   about   weather   in the past really   was the  sun always  shining  my nain always used to  keep saying  ” never cast a cloud  til  may is out   I always  thought  she meant  never  rely on the weather  til  may out   but think it something to do  with   the may flower

amaying  as  some  sexual  t ype of  meaning   i never knew that  but that what we were talking about  when they  say go amaying  and something to do with the maypole   dance  not to sure  if  i was prepared   i would  do  my home work   and look   things up but   rather do  things out of my head !!! (  sorry)

I  am not  to sure  when the  swains  are   sighing   all  is that   the m ale at the   female  but  you have a  feeling of hope   reading   this through  of the summer and lightness to come   i think  may day it self is half way between the  spring  and  summer   equinox  or maybe not (  think   I  just make    things  up as  go along   but  it  deffo   means  something

A friend  asked me  to come and   visit a local  hill on may day   itself  and  i was like yer ok  maypole dancing dance  about on a hill  cool but then  told me  to  be   their  before the  sun  came out  to  welcome the may due  errr no ta   just not a  morning  person   even  if  it is  special may day due   thingy

the only memory  i have as kid  of Mayday is this  dancing    round the Maypole  with a  grp  of girls and  me tangling the   whole  the maypole   up   !!!!! I  thought  it was   fun if nought  else ‘

We have only another  day of may left  and the  weather not looking good   but u never know   ,  I like our weather  in the u.k  you just dont  know  what  will happen  next   although it is   a pain    deciding   what to  wear  !!!

I plan to  go back to the  reading  grp on thursday all being well   and will keep  calm    when  told ” shall we   finish with a poem  something  uplifting  and thoughtful about   i feel  alot  calmer anyhow !!!!   I will leave  you   with the last few lines

For  while the bonny May  is dancing by

Beauty  delights   the ear and  beauty  fills the  eye !!!  ta   MR CLARE


About loubyjo

I have all my life been fascinated by words and books especially I used to have this strange idea that I could read every book in the world well maybe just 80% of them . My life can at times be really stressful as suffer my brains wires are all wonky which results in me having aspergers syndrome thats probably where all my crazy ideas spill out from !!!IIIalso have ocd which results in my thoughts getting stuck in my head causing me lots of distress , but hey what is perfection and if i ever met a perfect person it would probably send me fast asleeP AND YOU AS WELL SO iIam hoping to use this blog to let you lnow what it is like to be me !! in the last few years also discovered got ptsd this is were most of probs stem from
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