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80 not out !!!

The other  Saturday  (st patricks ) day  went  to a friends    80 th  nothing   these  days   unusual    about that  but  i was  looking forward  to it   which   is   really quite   surprising  for me  as  rarely  look  forward to … Continue reading

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Belief !!!! ummm

I   remember  awhile back  leaving a theatre  in Liverpool and  strolling along   to cafe   we both like  their  was a man     shouting out    about Jesus and the  usual   you have to believe in him to have    everlasting  … Continue reading

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over  the last  few years    i seem to  be  collecting  more and  more labels    cld imagine   them all on my wrist    DYSPRAXIA    ASD    OCD HIGHLY   SUSPECTED   ADHD  AND  PEOPLE  THINK PSD  OR SOMETHING  MIGHT    … Continue reading

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Dad and to much info

My dad   has  been home  actually for a   few  weeks but  not  got   round to  putting it   on here  although  not to sure  whats  up  for certain but his   kidneys   getting back to normal , although  chances are   may   have … Continue reading

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happy talk Invictus

umm my moods  change  so quickly and really  think   i could  be  the  female  version of   Jeckle   and Hyde     i  have  numerous   book   and pieces  of paper   with  so-called     change your life   but the only one that   i … Continue reading

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just clumsy or bit more to it

I have always  been  extremely messy and somewhat   clumsy   or maybe  mystic   creature  is haunting   me and making  things   topple over   or sometime  is it just plain  nerves . I can   make myself coffee /tea  no problem   b ut if … Continue reading

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family time !!!

well life  had taken over  as if often does so  plans  for  brothers  family and us lot were  no way ho say  but  life must go on in some sort of   form and Eva   had to go  back to school … Continue reading

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