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Tiny steps filled with hope !

H ad  an appointment  this week to with  the  DR who is  helping  me out so  much with  finding out hopefully  for once and to all what is wrong . I  really was  was not happy as my mum kept … Continue reading

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ARE WE a help or hindrance

I have  aspergers  ptsd  more or  less   certain  adhd  and  have often  wondered  over the years  wether these   conditions  are considered   to the universe    to be a help or hindrance  are   we a  total pain to society or if … Continue reading

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clear up shock horror

I have been  meaning to   clear up flat for  yeons  but never got round to it    and it  is  over flowing  with books  or shld say was   i have been looking round for   various  flats mainly cos have to  … Continue reading

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buzzing bees

ha d  an  up and down  day  which is pretty  usual for me  but   find if  hyper focus  the in word  for adhd    when   mind  is jumping around all over place and can begin to  calm down slightly  !!! … Continue reading

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written mistakes

I am still  waiting for  a  formal  diagnoses of  Adhd a few  medical PEOPLE  i have contact with seem to   think it is highly  likely  GOT IT   been reading    bits  and  bobs on  one of the  diagnoses   to  see  … Continue reading

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our day out !!!!

Yesterday  was     TRAC   community  trip  day out    TRAC  stands for  TRANMERE residents    AND  COMMUNITY    (  YEP THE      same  Tran mere that has just won promotion  to the football league  after  falling out of  it … Continue reading

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deep and Intense !!

I think the   saying  physician heal  yourself  is  very apt  in most  health  conditions and the   vast majority  of people  become the  real  EXPERTS   ALTHOUGH   NOTHING AGAINST     HEALTH PROFESSIONALS    on the  whole but  from  experience  I have  gathered … Continue reading

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