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karma boosting

People   are still talking about  new year  suppose   it is still  early on   i am of  but   the  view  of  the  usual   roller coast of a   but a lot of it      is through  choice   we decide  what   path  … Continue reading

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keeping up with the Joneses

It is hard  to  believe  how much life  has changed in the   last  few  decades      it is  hard for the majority of   teenagers  and younger to   realise  life  with out  the  internet . although my … Continue reading

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In life    it    is really     like being on a pendulum     continuously  up and down     and hard to   stay   in the middle  , I    am still waiting for   a … Continue reading

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just ride that horse !!!!!

I   am hopeless at making  decisions  to  put it in the  simplest form  i deciding   what to    have  for breakfast  tend to make weetabix  / porridge and  sprinkle  loads of     other  cereal type   things … Continue reading

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stay on yr feet and be happy !!!

As   they   always   say  u never   know what  is  round the  corner   and was coming    down the stairs and  the next minute and i was on the   bottom   i felt   a … Continue reading

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zen parable

I read  alot of  so called  spirtiual   type of books not because  I am  that   bit  inclined   as in all  soppy   just  that   deep  down i   try  any thing  that may calm me awhile … Continue reading

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