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dont ask questions ????

Today  I went   to  a book grp  in  a bookstore  !!!!!  wow    been going  a few years  and  we  read  a wide   variety of books  although  i am not over  keen on  been  given a time limit … Continue reading

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Invictus still here !!(lastbit)

Umm just  realised  that is  a  strange   title   really  what i am saying  is a long time since mentioned    Invictus (  but also  i am still here  must admit  my journey through the last  few months although … Continue reading

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We are all different thank God

Dont know   why but thinking a lot  about the word    delegation   strange  word   to keep   popping  into my head  but  prob   think   comes   from the  story somewhere in the bible   God … Continue reading

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world book day rant !!

Last   Thursday was  World   book  day   ,   and it  was supposedly a special   occasion as   was  2  decades  old    so happy birthday   but I   am  kind of   hoping    it … Continue reading

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Narnia and beyound !!

well can  hardly believe  tomorrow is the day i start  emdr  , as u  know have been  for  a  few  sessions   telling   Rob  my probs   (  well  not all )  and    finally   getting  people  to … Continue reading

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ptsd help emdr 2

AFTER my first  meeting with Rob who is supposed  to be helping  with ptsd  with  living in hope  with Emdr  i was extemely down, i am  not  really a person who would  describe   is  really depressed  more   ANGRY … Continue reading

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#aspergers #tellpeople

The other  day  called  round  at my parents house  No big deal  I do it alot!!  i was   wondering who the   hell was in the  building as   could  hear  baby type  of noises   ummm  be prepared  for  noise   YUKITY I … Continue reading

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