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shy no way

I think i have mentioned  apart  from all the  LABLES  ATTACHED  TO  ME  i AM ALOS  A TYPE   1  DIABETIC,,W HICH   NOT KIDDING   STRESS LEVELS   AFFECTS IT .    WELL   THAT IS MY EXCUSE      AND STICKING   TO IT  … Continue reading

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nudge push shove

I     have   been interested for  awhile  in like  what can   only be  called   the  inner self  what is  me   throughout my life    i have  felt   something  what is   it  telling me … Continue reading

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ptsd emdr aspie and ocd

ummm  totally  fed  up although still hope  something  can be  done  about  my  ummm well lets say out of ordinary  brain !!! I think i could cope  fine  if i was  just  aspergic or  just ocd , dyspraxic  but  having … Continue reading

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We are all different thank God

Dont know   why but thinking a lot  about the word    delegation   strange  word   to keep   popping  into my head  but  prob   think   comes   from the  story somewhere in the bible   God … Continue reading

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new outfit !!! when #aspie #dyspraxia #anything goes

i got   a  very  exciting   phone call  about  a do    !!!  that  have  been invited  to  in the  merry  month of  March    a cocktail   do   no less   in London !!!  so  not  really the   kind of   thing  i can wear   … Continue reading

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yukity #diabetic #sugaryblood # zumbadyspraxia

who   says  stress   does not  affect   diabetes    has no idea  wot they  r  talking   about  or  have  never  met  me !!!  my blood  sugars   has always been erretic mainly because    my life  is  so stressful  with PTSD ASPERGERS   OCD    and … Continue reading

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#Nordicwalking with #dyspraxia #aspie #diabetic

umm m   i quite like keeping  fit    i am relatively lucky with   weight  prob  because   am a  type 1  diabetic  i had   been asked  to   join a  couple, of  friends   in Birkenhead park to do Nordic  walking  which  i had  … Continue reading

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