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live the life you please

umm     cant     decide  what  kind of   day i have had to day  stressful as per usual due to the   ever present PTSD   but at   times  as per usual feel   fine   (  not sure if   like the word  fine  … Continue reading

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i HAVE  VERY  LITTLE  PEACE   in  cos     i  have  discovered      this    strange   thing  pure ocd  which is   kinda   relative of   aspergers    but    seems  to get out of   … Continue reading

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Amedeus aspie !!

I saw that the  story  of  Amedus  motzart   fella     was coming to local  cinemas   been yeons    since seen the  movie  and  could   not remember much abt    it    besides  the   rock me … Continue reading

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simple things

I reckon was  born  panicking  and worrying  it’s what i do best although the  majority of  times able to  hide my  concerns ,  i   must admit to being a newsaholic  i just love to know what is   going … Continue reading

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ITS the small things holidays !!

I have  had   6 year old niece  staying  this week   , one of those  things tend to look forward to her coming   but   after  a bit  think   ”  how much longer   are you staying … Continue reading

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new outfit !!! when #aspie #dyspraxia #anything goes

i got   a  very  exciting   phone call  about  a do    !!!  that  have  been invited  to  in the  merry  month of  March    a cocktail   do   no less   in London !!!  so  not  really the   kind of   thing  i can wear   … Continue reading

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#theyoungvictoria #aspieview #films

 I do like watching films and tv  probably as a form  of escapism, not from my life  but to  escape from  my mind whirling  round and  round with constant worries . I have seen the  young Victoria  a few times   … Continue reading

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