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Alone / company

I have  always  liked    my  own company strange  as  that  may be   !! No-   can  understand   that  things   tasted  somewhat  bland /  tasteless  when in other  people’s  company , you could  say I was  bored   my  mind    was  … Continue reading

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karma boosting

People   are still talking about  new year  suppose   it is still  early on   i am of  but   the  view  of  the  usual   roller coast of a   but a lot of it      is through  choice   we decide  what   path  … Continue reading

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I  have always  seemed to live  life on the  edge  not  always   through choice  but  often through    various  interests  like yoga    push the  stretch   bit more  and   especially middle   distance running    just      beat that one … Continue reading

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Christmas just abt got their

umm   It abt half way through   Christmas not gone to Wales with    various relatives and must admit alot calmer  as in    cld get   up much later    then if    having to   get up and  travel to LLan  … Continue reading

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live the life you please

umm     cant     decide  what  kind of   day i have had to day  stressful as per usual due to the   ever present PTSD   but at   times  as per usual feel   fine   (  not sure if   like the word  fine  … Continue reading

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super hero mother nature !! WITH FEW BANGS

I must  admit  I   don’t  watch  many nature programmes  but must  admit  i do if  on  at someones  elses   house   or one   eye on  tv and the    other    reading and must  admit  go   wow  and    double wow … Continue reading

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ring ring v texts

I am not   the worlds   best at   communiCATER   WITH   REGARDS   TO   keeping    in touch with  people  I one of the  few   who dont   like   mobiles   and will often  read  a text  and   forget all about  it  . I must  … Continue reading

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