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it s been an age but wow #invictus

the  last  week  or  so I have begun  to feel  so much better   it is unbelievable  to not  have  such    RAGE  and despair  running through my veins it is just the simple things  of  walking to the shops without … Continue reading

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A Christmas visitor

I am always  so  much more  relaxed on  boxing  day than christmas  day   and  actually better   then the    run up and so it  goes    on  think  with  all the   brain disorders   in one brain   it is difficult to  … Continue reading

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Christmas survival watch yr mouth

I am becoming more and more   stressed only because playing that   game of     meeting everyone    u now before  the   25th and can’t  wait     for the   26th   with a   book and pyjamas   bliss   saying that   I do like … Continue reading

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anger just destroys u !!!!!

I wld  say   i spend  a large  %  of my life  in a massive  big meltdown due to events  that happened  in my life and  largely   it has  become a pattern  that just  repeats    itself over and over   , … Continue reading

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finding who you really are

not  written  for  awhile but  just  been   in  another    zone   been looking  after  my  youngest    niece   aged   6   well  7  in 8   days   she says      lets  be   7 … Continue reading

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The choices you make are up to you

I  have   just   wondered if i will   ever  be   happy for  the  whole   24hrs   that i am awake for that would  be a massive   achievement  with my head   whirling round  and round … Continue reading

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be happy !!!!!!

That I reckon  is the  number one  wish in the  world   to be happy used to   annoy me a bit as kid   when  a story  ended  with THEY ALL LIVED HAPPY  EVER AFTER     bit  mushy … Continue reading

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