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Christmas just abt got their

umm   It abt half way through   Christmas not gone to Wales with    various relatives and must admit alot calmer  as in    cld get   up much later    then if    having to   get up and  travel to LLan  … Continue reading

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be grateful could be worse

People   are    always    saying things      like they deffo broke  the  mold with    u    which yer    u could say   that  with  anyone there is only  you  who is  unique   and only one of me  … Continue reading

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poetry happy or deep

Emotions all over the place   at the moment  since  hearing     strong Possibility  on the   adhd  felt ok  about it    til  watched a  tv  programme  panorama   about  Sertaline and    the side   effects  which … Continue reading

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getting out of self stress

ooh wow   managed  to get  a photo  up   made my day ha   used  to   be able to do  that   easily but  just kinda  forgot    i felt   the stress  evaporate    well slightly  but … Continue reading

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Anchor self in now

MINDFUL  OF the  moment Exploring  the    silent   stillness Discovering the   timeless    truths In between  passing thoughts Touching the  eternal  present Anchored  in   our breath Time to just be Inspired    we   realise Our thoughts … Continue reading

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just ride that horse !!!!!

I   am hopeless at making  decisions  to  put it in the  simplest form  i deciding   what to    have  for breakfast  tend to make weetabix  / porridge and  sprinkle  loads of     other  cereal type   things … Continue reading

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sending out good vibrations

Not   had a very good  day   thoughts   seems   much worse  since been told  about the pure  ocd  and  still wondering  what to do next !!!!   I am not  saying  to myself  the  first bit of … Continue reading

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