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Anchor self in now

MINDFUL  OF the  moment Exploring  the    silent   stillness Discovering the   timeless    truths In between  passing thoughts Touching the  eternal  present Anchored  in   our breath Time to just be Inspired    we   realise Our thoughts … Continue reading

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just ride that horse !!!!!

I   am hopeless at making  decisions  to  put it in the  simplest form  i deciding   what to    have  for breakfast  tend to make weetabix  / porridge and  sprinkle  loads of     other  cereal type   things … Continue reading

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ptsd meditation invictus

JUst realised  how that   title  looks  and does not  really make sense   but if  i have ptsd   really is not  easy to  meditate  as mind is  so restless   well more than restless  more like insomniac . … Continue reading

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