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whats the rush

I  don’t drive   much to everyone  elses  relief     if u know    me well ,  very  unstable    diabetes  and   bad  co-ordination      as i  said   to  a  person assessing   me for   da disabled   bus pass      … Continue reading

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diabetic stress food

I went to the   diabetic     clinic  last week    ( wow )   they  tend   to give little   notice     these days    of an appointment    so    no time    for   … Continue reading

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The choices you make are up to you

I  have   just   wondered if i will   ever  be   happy for  the  whole   24hrs   that i am awake for that would  be a massive   achievement  with my head   whirling round  and round … Continue reading

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Anchor self in now

MINDFUL  OF the  moment Exploring  the    silent   stillness Discovering the   timeless    truths In between  passing thoughts Touching the  eternal  present Anchored  in   our breath Time to just be Inspired    we   realise Our thoughts … Continue reading

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dream life

we all have    dreams supposedly the  ones that we  aspire   to be  not talking    about the ones   we have  when we  visit the  land of nod !!! I have  been   ill the moment arrived   … Continue reading

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