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Dragons dreams and witches

I used to day dream or  just  plain visualise   Witches  alot as a child   scaring  myself  silly,  I used to have orange  type   curtains  which were  relatively  light in colour  and  cld  make  shapes of witches through them  and  i think  … Continue reading

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buzzing bees

ha d  an  up and down  day  which is pretty  usual for me  but   find if  hyper focus  the in word  for adhd    when   mind  is jumping around all over place and can begin to  calm down slightly  !!! … Continue reading

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flowers and the madding crowd

lovely sunny day to day   although  i have slept  through a large proportion  of the  day    i am lying  if i said  it was a bit of a surprise  to say the least  that it was so late when … Continue reading

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home sweet home !

I adore   my home  not  that it is anything  special but  i am happy   here  and feel  I have it all here beaches  town   city country   well no  mountains  but they are only a stone   throw away or bit more … Continue reading

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the hidden Iceberg

I t has  been  absolutely  freezing the  last  week  here  for   about a week  leading  to the    horror  of  snow in winter !!!   shock horror  but    must  admit  we don’t  get much of the  snowy    flakes  falling  … Continue reading

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Alone / company

I have  always  liked    my  own company strange  as  that  may be   !! No-   can  understand   that  things   tasted  somewhat  bland /  tasteless  when in other  people’s  company , you could  say I was  bored   my  mind    was  … Continue reading

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it s been an age but wow #invictus

the  last  week  or  so I have begun  to feel  so much better   it is unbelievable  to not  have  such    RAGE  and despair  running through my veins it is just the simple things  of  walking to the shops without … Continue reading

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