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heaven / hell or nought

ahhhhhhh  for   a few   days i felt so  much better   the intrusive thoughts had   gone  but  hey  ho they   ventured  into my head   yesterday  and  back  as well today    feel as if  tasted   heaven   only to   find out   my … Continue reading

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it s been an age but wow #invictus

the  last  week  or  so I have begun  to feel  so much better   it is unbelievable  to not  have  such    RAGE  and despair  running through my veins it is just the simple things  of  walking to the shops without … Continue reading

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meltdown/ triggers / Invictus

Lately the in words  are   triggered   and meltdown   lets   GET  ONE STRIGHT   IT ANNOYS  ME NO END   WHEN  PEOPLE ARE   CONTINUALLY   TELLING ME  THEY    had a meltdown   the chance is    things    have    got to much for  … Continue reading

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pain / Invictus peace

Every body suffers pain in their life   but often   wonder some  people   suffer more  than  others this hopefully  wont be  a   violin post   u can prob   tell i am mentally  ill  if u see   me  extremely upset   but  don’t think  … Continue reading

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karma boosting

People   are still talking about  new year  suppose   it is still  early on   i am of  but   the  view  of  the  usual   roller coast of a   but a lot of it      is through  choice   we decide  what   path  … Continue reading

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live the life you please

umm     cant     decide  what  kind of   day i have had to day  stressful as per usual due to the   ever present PTSD   but at   times  as per usual feel   fine   (  not sure if   like the word  fine  … Continue reading

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nasty words !!!

As I have   said previous   ( think ) people  tend   to  thump hurtful   words   to people    i   would  prob  spend  a life time  in prison  if   u had to  spend a  day   locked up   for   everything hurtful      … Continue reading

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