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sending out good vibrations

Not   had a very good  day   thoughts   seems   much worse  since been told  about the pure  ocd  and  still wondering  what to do next !!!!   I am not  saying  to myself  the  first bit of … Continue reading

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Invictus ( bit differnet )

hi  Just letting  Invictus   still  round and about but  in a slightly  differnet mode so   to speak  !! TO lazy to read back  but think    told u  that  have got pure ocd  along  with the  aspergers  and … Continue reading

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Dont knock yourself !!!

Been thinking alot    since last week   when  I saw the  ptsd  man  ROB  who reckons  that not only got ptsd  aspergic  but  given  me  something else to mull  over    , PURE ocd   never heard of  it … Continue reading

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