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In the genes !!

i have   various  mental   health  problems and  type    1     diabetic  and my mum has addisons  disease   and nan    thyroid   probs   but   various  mental  health   things  abt     my … Continue reading

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threats and the brain reacts

I  have  suffered  from   ptsd slightly  since the   age of  13  and   full blown for over a   decade   with ocd  most of my  life but   just  discovered   got pure  ocd    as well … Continue reading

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small changes small steps

It is well  over   7  months   since New year   and    was wondering   about  how  we make  big steps   at NEW year  and  well  months  later   may have  even forgotten  what they  were . … Continue reading

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getting out of self stress

ooh wow   managed  to get  a photo  up   made my day ha   used  to   be able to do  that   easily but  just kinda  forgot    i felt   the stress  evaporate    well slightly  but … Continue reading

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