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live the life you please

umm     cant     decide  what  kind of   day i have had to day  stressful as per usual due to the   ever present PTSD   but at   times  as per usual feel   fine   (  not sure if   like the word  fine  … Continue reading

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anger just destroys u !!!!!

I wld  say   i spend  a large  %  of my life  in a massive  big meltdown due to events  that happened  in my life and  largely   it has  become a pattern  that just  repeats    itself over and over   , … Continue reading

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super hero mother nature !! WITH FEW BANGS

I must  admit  I   don’t  watch  many nature programmes  but must  admit  i do if  on  at someones  elses   house   or one   eye on  tv and the    other    reading and must  admit  go   wow  and    double wow … Continue reading

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by a certain age all have Impedimenta due to life

Impedimenta  wow that   is cool  word  I love  words    I know  what it     is to impede   someone  but   Impedimenta    cool  and    think we all  have  it  maybe not    mother   Theresa or   other  saintly  people  but … Continue reading

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Invictus cld be lazaurus

This week  has   been a very exciting  but  at the same time  full of emotions . I have been to Edinburgh to  try to  get some  funding  for  fave   charity the   reader with  the founder Jane !!! I   have not … Continue reading

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you only get one pair

Eyes  that   but their is  other things in pairs  feet hands kidneys but  think eyes  are  what  I value the  most although not been to kind to them  as   a n avid reader  i  dont know  how wld cope  ir … Continue reading

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shy no way

I think i have mentioned  apart  from all the  LABLES  ATTACHED  TO  ME  i AM ALOS  A TYPE   1  DIABETIC,,W HICH   NOT KIDDING   STRESS LEVELS   AFFECTS IT .    WELL   THAT IS MY EXCUSE      AND STICKING   TO IT  … Continue reading

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